2020 Annual Meeting

AAPOS 46th Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting


Dear AAPOS Members and Meeting Registrants,
The 2020 AAPOS virtual meeting is canceled. The AAPOS Board made this difficult decision based upon today’s information about the first reported cases of COVID-19 in Austin, Texas.
The virtual meeting required the establishment of a “Command Center” staffed by a team of audiovisual experts, and was to be located at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin which provided the necessary internet bandwidth. In addition, regional Texas pediatric ophthalmologists volunteered to moderate each virtual session, and our San Francisco based AAPOS staff members Tim Losch, Jennifer Hull, Michael Paulos and Christina Scott, were to travel to Austin to assist. However, given the threat of increasing COVID-19 infections in Austin, the AAPOS Board chose to cancel the virtual meeting to eliminate any risk to our staff or volunteers.
We apologize for the disruption this decision has caused for our membership and meeting attendees. We appreciate all of the support of the membership, and special thanks to all of the presenters who agreed to present in a virtual 2020 meeting.
Over the past 2 weeks, an army of people have worked long hours to do what we felt best for our patients, our members, and our meeting attendees. They include Christie Morse, EVP, and the Board of Directors: Jane Edmond, Kathy Lee, Mike Siatkowski, Oscar Cruz, Eric Lichtenstein, Scott Larson, Faruk Orge, Debby Alcorn, Mary O’Hara and Derek Sprunger, our SF-AMS staff: Tim Losch, Jennifer Hull, Michael Paulos, Christina Scott and Mona Panchal, our Program Committee Coordinator, Maria Schweers, our Executive Director of Development for the CEF of AAPOS, Kristen Barbarics. This entire group has worked overtime and diligently sought to make the right decisions in a rapidly changing landscape.
Please feel free to reach out to Christie Morse, our AAPOS EVP, with any questions atcmorse@crhc.org
The AAPOS Board of Directors
Q: Do you have any plans to provide a recorded session for any of the topics that were to be presented at the virtual meeting?
A: Yes, we will provide a recording and send you a link to view at your convenience for 2 sessions. These include: 1) Sue Vicchrilli’s Coding course, and 2) Dr. Michael Repka’s “Valuation of Strabismus Surgery Codes” presentation.
Q: What is the plan for Dr. Sharon Freedman’s Costenbader lecture?
A: Dr. Freedman will be our 2021 Costenbader Lecturer. Dr. David Hunter, who had been approved as the 2021 Costenbader has graciously agreed to postpone his lecture to 2022.
Q: What is the plan for Dr. David Guyton’s Jampolsky lecture?
A: Dr. Guyton will present his Jampolsky lecture in 2021.
Q: If my abstract (platform presentation, workshop, poster) was accepted for the 2020 meeting, will it automatically be accepted for the 2021 meeting?
A: The program committee asks that authors who had previously accepted abstracts consider resubmitting. The abstracts accepted for the 2020 meeting will be given additional consideration for the 2021 meeting.
Q: My paper/poster/workshop was accepted and I would like to have it available in a PDF format on the AAPOS website for viewing. Is that possible?
A: You can share your presentation with AAPOS members by posting it to the AAPOS Member Discussion Group on AAPOS.org.
Q: What if I am a Fellow and would be eligible to receive the Research Fellowship Award for the Austin 2020 meeting, but would not be eligible to receive it for the Boston 2021 meeting?
A: We will extend your eligibility. If you were eligible in 2020, you will also be eligible in 2021.
Q: Isn’t a business meeting required each year in order to approve new members and to vote on the slate of Board of Directors nominees and the new Nominating Committee?
A: Yes, we will do this electronically as soon as possible.
Q: If I had been registered for the physical 2020 AAPOS meeting in Austin, Texas, will I receive my $100 administrative fee back?
A: At this time, the answer is no. We will take this into consideration as we set the registration fee for the 2021 Annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts and make appropriate adjustments at that time.
Q: If I had not been registered for the physical 2020 AAPOS meeting in Austin, Texas but I registered for the virtual meeting and paid $100, will I receive my $100 fee back?
A: Yes, you will receive a full refund of your $100. This will be done automatically and there is no need to call the AAPOS office. Please allow several weeks for this to show on your credit card.
Q: If I purchased a gala ticket to support the Children’s Eye Foundation of AAPOS (CEF of AAPOS), will I receive a refund?
A: Yes, that refund will automatically be given. The cost of the ticket cannot be automatically transferred to the CEF of AAPOS as a 100% tax deduction donation. However, we ask you to consider donating the cost of your ticket if you purchased one, or if you were not registered for the CEF of AAPOS gala to consider a donation to the CEF of AAPOS.
Q: Why didn’t the AAPOS Board cancel the meeting initially?
A: The AAPOS Board felt that offering our members and speakers a virtual meeting would be preferable to no meeting. Members are eager to learn from our speakers and depend on the annual meeting for CME credits; speakers have invested significant time and effort into their work.
Q: Was the decision to have a virtual meeting financially driven because cancelling the meeting would be costlier?
A: No. At no time were any decisions based upon financial considerations. The cost of the virtual meeting was higher compared to cancelling the meeting.
Q: Does AAPOS as an organization have enough money in reserve to survive the cancellation of the 2020 meeting?
A: Yes. AAPOS has financial reserves which will absorb the loss.