About Us

Who We Are

AAPOS is the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. The organization's goals are to advance the quality of children's eye care, support the training of pediatric ophthalmologists, support research activities in pediatric ophthalmology, and advance the care of adults with strabismus.

AAPOS Mission Statement

The mission of AAPOS is to identify and promote the highest quality medical and surgical eye care worldwide for all children, and for adults with eye misalignment.



Our History

The history of AAPOS begins with the history of the development of specialty medicine and pediatrics. Learn more!

History of AAPOS

How does AAPOS advance the quality of children's eye care?

AAPOS establishes practice guidelines for pediatric ophthalmology at the highest level of competence and ethics. AAPOS encourages the training of ophthalmologists who are primarily concerned with eye care of children. AAPOS fosters concepts that benefit children's eye health through preventive as well as remedial activities.

How many individuals belong to AAPOS?

AAPOS has approximately 2,000 members.

What is an AAPOS member?

Members are ophthalmologists certified in the United States or Canada who are in good standing with their respective national ophthalmology organization. AAPOS members have completed one year of additional training in an AAPOS approved program in pediatric ophthalmology or strabismus. 75% of an AAPOS member's practice time is devoted to pediatric ophthalmology and/or strabismus.

  • What is an AAPOS Associate member? Associate members have made a significant contribution to pediatric ophthalmology but have had somewhat less training.

  • What is an AAPOS Orthoptist member? Orthoptists have completed a program of study and clinical training in strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology. Orthoptists can see patients independently under the sponsorship of an ophthalmologist.

  • What is an AAPOS International member? International members are similarly trained but not necessarily in AAPOS programs and practice outside of North America.

  • What is an AAPOS Candidate-in-training? A candidate-in-training is a member who is currently in or has recently completed an accredited fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology.

What is the AAPOS Foundation?

The Children's Eye Foundation is the official foundation of AAPOS. The mission is to optimize the quality of life of children by eliminating preventable vision loss and eye disease and encourage physicians to enter the field of pediatric ophthalmology.

How does AAPOS support the training of pediatric ophthalmologists?

AAPOS establishes educational goals and encourages the creation and maintenance of post-residency training programs. AAPOS encourages training in pediatric ophthalmology in ophthalmology residency programs. AAPOS sponsors post-graduate meetings and seminars and propagates educational materials related to the training of pediatric ophthalmologists.

How does AAPOS support research activities in pediatric ophthalmology?

AAPOS encourages and supports individual and cooperative clinical research.

How does AAPOS advance the care of adults with strabismus?

AAPOS supports research and education and demonstrates the value of advances in clinical care of adults with strabismus.

What educational programs does AAPOS organize?

AAPOS meets annually for exchange of new information. Material is presented in papers, posters and workshops. AAPOS sponsors an update in pediatric ophthalmology for general ophthalmologists at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.